MultiCycle Technologies is a subsidiary of the Insect Technology Group.

MultiCycle Technologies sustainably and safely upcycles higher-risk organics, including human faecal matter, animal manure and abattoir waste, into products for industrial and agricultural applications.

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MultiCycle Technologies


MultiCycle Technologies leverages the cutting-edge insect technology of the Insect Technology Group to work alongside mother nature and the natural lifecycle of insects.

We provide environmental services with the overarching aim of delivering safe and sustainable solutions for the disposal of higher-risk organics. Our company is currently focused on three organic streams: toilet resources, animal manure and abattoir waste.


Toilet Resources

The BioCycle is a subsidiary of MultiCycle Technologies and is a world-leading toilet resources processing company focused on providing a commercially viable alternative to current management methods.

Using black soldier fly technology, The BioCycle upcycles toilet resources into safe high value components including oil (for lubrication and other fuel types), chitosan products and nitrogen rich soil conditioners.

toilet resources
animal manure

Animal Manure

MultiCycle Technologies is developing a sustainable solution for managing animal manure.

Using insect technology, MultiCycle will be able to safely process and manage manure from different animal sectors, and produce several valuable insect-derived products.


Abattoir Waste

MultiCycle Technologies is exploring the application of insect technology as a safe, cost effective treatment alternative for slaughterhouse wastes.

These high-risk animal by-products will be safely processed into beneficial products, while maintaining the highest level of health and safety in order to reduce the risk of disease and environmental contamination.

abattoir waste